Westringia 'WES01'

Westringia ‘Naringa’ is the best tall growing Westringia for hedging with its growth height of 2 metres. Its growth is naturally upright and if left unpruned it will form a large shrub with tight growing foliage. When pruned into a traditional hedge it will form a dense screen of foliage great for blocking fences and garden sheds. Like most Westringia it is ideal for seaside coastal gardens and makes a great wind break.

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Naringa – Westringia `WES01` has strong vertical growth which gives it a growing height about 2 metres tall with a wide about 1 to 1.5 metres. The flowers are mauve in colour in spring and summer. Naringa is suited to a wide range of free draining soil types and a wide range of climates. It is frost hardy, very drought tolerant and is the perfect plant for seaside coastal gardens.

Height & Width

2 metres tall X 1 to 1.5 metre wide


Full sun to part shade.

Soil Type

Wide range of soil types provided they are free draining


When training as a tall hedge trim the sides to encourage vertical growth and ocasionly trim the higher tips to encourage dense growth until the desired height is achieved.

Flowers and Fruit

Flowers in spring and summer with mauve coloured flowers.

Planting Rates

For hedges plant at 1 metre centres.

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