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Meadow Gardens

By Admin on 20-07-2015

These colourful, exquisite and seemingly ‘wild’ garden expanses, usually associated with Europe or America are adored by many gardeners – for good reason, they beautiful! Unfortunately, Meadow Gardens are rarely used in Australia. This is a shame because these naturalistic masterpieces can be reinvented in so many ways. Hopefully, we can inspire you to create a little bit of ‘meadow wilderness’ in your patch of the world incorporating some of the plants sold by Gardeners Planthub through...

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Grasses and Succulents - who knew they could look so good?

By Admin on 08-07-2014

Ornamental grasses and succulents planted together. Sounds a little crazy I know, however it works exceptionally well.

It’s a planting scheme regularly adopted by famous designers from all over the globe such as Oehme van Sweden, Franchesca Watson, Andrea Cochrane and Bernard Trainer just to name a few.

As garden companions, grasses and succulents have similar needs. Both have relatively low water requirements and do well in full sun; both generally appreciate a well-drained soil, and both...

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Native Grasses can be formal too!

By Admin on 18-06-2014

Minimalism. It’s here to stay. The design of our homes and interiors are more simplistic than they have ever been. It follows that formal garden design is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, invigorated with outdoor living areas and water sculpture. Yes, there is still a place in all our hearts for the flamboyant cottage garden that our grandparents had and part of my garden is still like this. However, the success of the formal eye-catching garden design coupled with modern architecture...

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