LITTLE JESS® Dianella caerulea 'DCMP01'

By Admin on 20-07-2015

Bluedale has sold Dianella cultivars since 2003 and has seen many come and go. Little Jess is one of 4 Dianella cultivars we now produce – a testimony to its proven performance in a variety of landscapes.

The secret to Little Jess’s success? Essentially the short spreading rhizome gives Little Jess the ability to fill in gaps for a total groundcover. Combine this with vibrant green strappy foliage, Spring to early Summer purple star flowers, purple berries and wide range of growing conditions and Little Jess is a winner. Growth is generally to 400mm tall and 500m wide.

Little Jess will grow in full sun, as well as 90% shade. This includes the dappled shade of many trees. Although the harshest of roadside environments proves too difficult to sustain Little Jess, it is suitable to exposed seaside planting and coastal humidity. Little Jess can handle inland light frosts to -3 degrees. Minor leaf burn may occur when frosted, however this will be replaced by new growth in Spring.

Applications to which Little Jess is well suited include:

  • · Continuous borders - along pathways, roadsides and garden edges. Plant at 5 plants per lineal metre.
  • · Mass plantings - in large garden beds under trees, as foliage contrast among structural plants or to enhance flowering perennials and shrubs. Plant viro-tubes at 5 to 7 per square metre or pots 3 to 5 per square metre.
  • · Specimen planting – as clumps between other grasses or garden plants, to introduce ‘cool’ landscape elements to gardens with an otherwise dry appearance or around garden features such as rocks and ponds. Plant 3 – 4 plants per square metre.
  • · Where fire is possible – this may include urban/bushland interfaces where open spaces are maintained as asset protection zones (APZs). After fire Little Jess will resprout from the rhizome. Plant viro-tubes at 5 to 7 per square metre or pots 3 to 5 per square metre.

Bluedale has seen Little Jess used with success on many commercial landscapes and housing estates. Recent large projects include:

  • · Woolworths Supermarket, Lake Munmorah.
  • · Masters Hardware, Heatherbrae.
  • · Seascape Housing Estate, Hallidays Point.

A proven performer, Little Jess can be adopted in a huge range of environments and can be readily invigorated with appropriate maintenance techniques.

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