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TANIKA® Lomandra longifolia 'LM 300'

By Admin on 01-11-2019

Tanika’ Lomandra for many years has been one of the best performing Lomandra cultivars for home gardening. This is a reflection of the many positive attributes it brings to a wide variety of landscape situations. ‘Tanika’ retains its beautiful lush appearance in harsh environments such as urban landscapes. It follows that it looks magnificent when pampered in manicured residential gardens of the highest calibre.

From a design perspective, it’s all about the foliage. ‘Tanika’ has slender, lime green foliage with arching to a weeping habit that develops with age. Possible applications are endless………..accentuate bright coloured foliage or flowers with ‘Tanika’ surrounds; make use of its regular form in a sculptural garden; mass plant to create a sea of green that flows in the breeze; use under eucalypts for a natural landscape; combine with hedging plants or use ‘Tanika’ to create a low hedge.

‘Tanika’ is a cultivar of Lomandra longifolia. It grows to 50 to 70 cm tall and 50 to 60 cm wide. Although grown for its magnificent foliage, ‘Tanika’ does have attractive, small yellow flowers during spring and early summer. These flowers do not produce seed and are not spikey. ‘Tanika’ is very user-friendly.

‘Tanika’ is hardy in many situations. It will grow in full sun and in up to 50% shade. It is suited to coastal conditions, although requires protection from fully exposed seaside aspects. ‘Tanika’ thrives in inland climates and will be evergreen in frost and low temperatures to –10 degrees. It grows best in sandy loam to free-draining clay loams.

In humid coastal climates, it is important to space ‘Tanika’ plantings to provide good air circulation around the plants. Attention to free draining mulch and soil is also recommended. Hardwood chip and non-organic gravel mulch have proven best in humid climates.

Maintenance is simple - trim the foliage to 20 to 30 cm above the ground to remove old growth every 3 or so years. Yes, this feels very drastic – check out our online maintenance article if you need some reassurance! Fertilize with a slow-release fertilizer once a year and after trimming to encourage fresh regrowth. Care should be taken when re-applying mulch and don’t overwater.

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