By Admin on 18-06-2014

It’s all about the unique sculptural foliage of this landscape sedge. Twizzler’s cylindrical stems are twisted, glaucous and like nothing you have encountered before. Twizzler caused much excitement here at Bluedale when it emerged among the tens of thousands of sedges we grow here. At the time we knew this Lepironia articulata cultivar was something special.

After extensive trialling at Bluedale’s nursery and Ozbreed’s demonstration gardens, Twizzler Lepironia articluata ‘LA20’ is now a registered plant.

Twizzler is well suited to areas where its architectural element can be best appreciated. This includes:

· courtyard garden water pots

  • · landscape ponds
  • · drainage lines
  • · reed beds for waste water systems
  • · bog gardens
  • · rain gardens
  • · constructed wetlands.

Accentuate the properties of Twizzler by using it with bold colours, for example in pots with a brightly painted wall behind. Blue or grey themed gardens would benefit from its inclusion. Twizzler is a stand out in the formal garden.

Twizzler is smaller than its Lepironia articulata parent, growing up to 1.3 metres tall x 700mm wide. It grows well in freshwater from 100mm-500mm deep and in full sun to 70% shade. Twizzler has proven itself in protected coastal aspects as well as inland climates where it will remain evergreen to -5oC.

A wide range of soil types will be tolerated by Twizzler, including sandy & clay loam, water logged soil and even heavy clays.

The foliage remains very ‘clean’ so trimming is minimal. Every 3-5 years in Spring, trim back foliage to 100mm above the ground. Flowers are not the reason to grow this plant, however 30-40mm conical seed heads which are present much of the year are quite attractive.

Bluedale sell Twizzler in Viro-tubes and 140mm Pots. We recommend planting rates of 5-7 individuals per square metre for mass planting and 1 to 3 plants per square metre for specimen planting.

Go on dare to be different……find a home for some Twizzler in your landscape.

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