Jointed Twig Rush, Baumea - a water plant ideal for domestic reed bed waste water treatment systems

Jointed Twig Rush is a large clumping, tall reed with deep green cylindrical stems. It is good for dams and large water feature ponds. It has excellent nutrient soaking properties and is used in `Reed Beds` for domestic grey water treatment.

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Baumea articulata

Baumea articulata or Jointed Twig Rush is a tall rhizomatous native water plant that naturally occurs in standing fresh water in dams, deep swamps, lakes, creeks and drainage swales. It forms large dense swards of foliage that provide habitat for frogs and other aquatic animals. It also provides nesting material for water birds. Baumea has excellent nutrient soaking properties and is a favourite of designers in constructed wetlands.

Height & Width

1.5 metres to 2.5 metre tall and spreading slowly to cover 2 plus m2

Flowers and Fruit

Flowers over summer.


Full sun to part shade

Soil Type

Grows in shallow to deep water 1 metre plus deep

Planting Rates

Plant 3 to 7 plants per square metre

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