LUCIA ™ - The best ground cover Dianella with deep green foliage and mulberry coloured flowers

Lucia is one of the best performing Dianella cultivars currently on the market. Lucia is a cane-less variety of Dianella with deep green foliage and mulberry coloured star shaped flowers from late winter to spring. It is a great groundcover plant because it forms a dense carpet of foliage.

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Dianella caerulea 'DC101'

There are many Dianella varieties on the market now days the problem is only a very few are great performers. Lucia is one of the two that have lasted the test of time, the other being ‘Little Jess’. Lucia is a great in-fill plant for mass planting in gardens as it fills out to form large clumps. The masses of flowers that are held above the foliage late winter and early spring put on a great show. Lucia is a fairly low maintenance plant that benefits from a total cut back of the foliage every 2 to 3 years. New growth emerges from the underground rhizomes.

Height & Width

40cm high X 60cm plus wide.


Lucia grow well and flowers best in full sun. It will also grow in light shade. Lucia is frost hardy but is best in a frost free aspect.

Soil Type

Wide range from loam to clay loams


Trim back foliage to 10cm above ground level every couple of years to renew the foliage.

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