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Cousin it - Ground cover she oak

Cousin It is a native evergreen ground cover or small shrub with a cascading habit. It has long, fine, dark green, trailling foliage which forms a dense mat and is perfect for blocking out weeds.


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Casuarina Glauca 'Cousin It'

Casuarina glauca 'Cousin it" - Add personality to your garden with cousin it - great for rockeries or spilling down embankments or retaining walls. Cousin it is an extremely tough Australian native with a mounding, groundcover habit. prefect for use as a living mulch as the dense growth habit is great for choking out unwanted weeds. Grows best in full sun, moist, well draining soils.

Height & Width

Grows 20-40 cm tall x 1-1.5m wide

Flowers and Fruit

Small white, insignificant flowers


Full sun to part shade

Soil Type

Will tolerate a wide range of soils from free draining, sandy loams to clay but grows best in well draining, lighty acidic, moist soils.


Water regularly until established. Requires regular watering in the wamer months. Fertilise with a slow release native fertiliser in the spring.

Planting Rates

1 plant per square metre

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