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Dichondra `Silver Falls` - a hardy rambling ground-cover with silver foliage, Australian online nursery - The Plant Hub

Dichondra `Silver Falls` - a hardy rambling ground-cover with silver foliage

Dichondra `Silver Falls` is a trailing plant with silver oval-shaped leaves. It makes a great hardy ground cover plant ideal trailing over walls and rockeries. It also makes a great plant for hanging baskets as the long tendrils make a great show. Unlike the native Dichondra, Silver Falls will grow in full sun and is very drought tolerant.

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Dicondra argentea'Silver Falls'

Dichondra argentea ‘Silver Falls’ originates from the arid regions of central and north America. The runners can trail over 1.5 metres long making them a great plant for growing over retaining walls. It could be used as a lawn alternative but isn’t as good as some over plants are in that application, for this reason we have placed it in the ground cover category.

Height & Width

5cm to 10cm tall with runners to 1.5 metres long

Flowers and Fruit

No Flowers


Full sun to part shade.

Soil Type

Free draining fertile soils


Trim as needed to maintain a neat appearance or trim to train it to cover objects.

Planting Rates

1 to 5 per metre

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