Myoporum 'Pink Form' - A hardy native creeping ground cover plant

Creeping Boobialla 'Pink Form' is a fast growing evergreen groundcover plant. It has fine fleshy leaves that grow low across the ground and form a dense mat of foliage and in summer it has masses of small pink flowers. It is a perfect plant for rockeries, trailing over retaining walls and growing down small embankments.

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Myoporum parvifolium 'Pink Form'

Myoporum `Pink Form` does best when grown in full sun to partial shade. It is suited to coastal seaside conditions, is frost hardy and very drought tolerant.

Height & Width

It is 10 to 15 cm high and covers at least 1 m2.


It is be in full sun but can grow in part shade

Soil Type

Free draining sandy loam to loams


Trim back runners as needed

Flowers and Fruit

Small pink flowers in spring and summer

Q. Will Aussie Rambler grow in heavy shade?

A. Aussie Rambler is best suited to a full sun position or a position that will have a maximum of an hour or two shade throughout the day. In shade it will not flower as well as it does in full sun.​

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