Shore Juniper - A hardy ground cover conifer for coastal and inland gardens

Shore Juniper is a hardy, easy care evergreen conifer ground cover that forms a dense green mat of foliage. It is suited to coastal aspects where it is salt tolerant and it also grow well in inland climates with very hot summers and cold winters.

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Juniperus conferta

Juniperus conferta, commonly call Shore Juniper is a native plant of Japan where is naturally occurs growing in sand dunes. This fact helps us understand how we can use this plant in our gardens. Shore Juniper is a hardy plant able to cope with seaside conditions, it is also very heat and cold tolerant and can handle moderate frosts. It will grow in a wide range of soil types provided they are free draining.rnrnIt grows to cover about 2 metres square at maturity so give it space to spread in the garden. Its trailing habit makes it a great ground cover to grow over retaining wall and rockeries.

Height & Width

30 cm high X approx. 2 X 2 metres square


Best in full sun to very light shade

Soil Type

Wide range from sandy loam to free draining clay


Very little maintenance is needed apart from containing the spread of the plant.

Planting Rates

For a dense cover plant 1 to 3 plants per m2

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