Callistemon `Hannah Ray` - A red flowering bottle brush shrub ideal for informal hedging

Callistemon `Hannah Ray` is a mid-sized shrub with a weeping habit to 3 to 4 metres tall. In spring and late summer it bursts forth with bird and bee attracting vibrant red bottle brush like flowers. Ideal for small yards and can make a great informal hedge plant to screen off fences or garden sheds.

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Callistemon viminalis `Hannah Ray`

`Hannah Ray` is an old favourite having been tried and tested in Australian gardens for decades. It is well suited to a wide range of climates and soils conditions. The leaves are shortish, narrow and green, but the real show is when `Hannah Ray` flowers. The vibrant red bottle brush flowers are produced towards the tips of the newer growth and are often pendulous and make a great display in spring and again in late summer to early autumn. It can formal a formal hedge if trimmed regularly but this often reduces the flowering hence we recommend `Hannah Ray` as an informal hedge with occasional trimming to shape after flowering.

Height & Width

3 to 4 metres tall X 1 to 2 metres wide

Flowers and Fruit

Red bottle brush flowers in spring and late summer / autumn


Full sun to part shade, it will flower better in sunny aspects

Soil Type

Wide range of free draining sandy loams to clay loams soils


Trim to shape when young and then occasionally after flowering if needed to keep tidy. Fertilize in spring to encourage healthy growth.

Planting Rates

For hedges plant at 1 to 1.5 metre centres.

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