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Gardenia - a versatile medium growing shrub that makes a great formal or informal hedging plant

Gardenia florida is an all-time favourite of gardeners. It is a compact small shrub, 1 X 1 metre with glossy deep green leaves and beautiful white perfumed flowers starting in spring and continuing over the warmer months of the year. Gardenia florida is best suited to warm climates and performs best with a cool, moist but free-draining soils rich in organic matter.

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Gardenia florida

Gardens like a mulched garden bed to help keep the soil cool and moist. In very hot climates by will do best if they get some shade throughout the heat of the day. In cooler southern or inland climates choose a warm position in the garden that is free from winter frosts. Gardenia has a compact habit and look great mass planted make nice low growing informal hedges. They also make great container plants, to get the best results always use a good quality potting mix and fertilize regularly.

Height & Width

Gardenia grow 1 metre x 1 metre and form a compact bun shped plant


They can grow in full sun provide they have a fertile, moist, free draining soil. In hot climates some shade with help them stay nice and green.

Soil Type

Fertile, moist, free draining soils are best


Trim every few years if needed to tidy the plant and to keep the foliage compact.

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