GREY BOX Westringia - Is a small growing plant with a tight compact habit ideal for small hedges, Australian online nursery - The Plant Hub

GREY BOX Westringia - Is a small growing plant with a tight compact habit ideal for small hedges

Westringia Grey Box is a small compact grey leafed Westringia ideal for small compact hedging. It has tight-knit grey foliage that will contrast well other plants. It flowers in spring and summer with small white flowers; it is drought and frost tolerant and looks great when pruned to shape. Left natural it will form its own natural ball shape

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Westringa fruticosa 'WES04'

Grey Box™ - Westringia fruticosa ‘WES04’ is the smallest cultivar of the popular Westringia varieties available. It is slow-growing and will take a few years to reach its mature height of 40cm. It has very compact foliage and can be trained as a hedge as low as 25cm. It is salt tolerant making it suited to seaside coastal gardens. Grey Box will grow is a wide range of free-draining soil types and a wide range of climates. Because they are great hedging plants they will fit with native styled formal gardens.

Height & Width

If left unpruned it will grow 30cm to 40cm X as wide. It can be pruned as low as 25cm for a small garden border hedgeto 30cm.


Full sun to part shade

Soil Type

Best suited to a wide range of free draining soils from sandy loams to clay loams


Trim to shape to form a compact hedge, or left unpruned trim to keep the small bush tidy.

Planting Rates

For hedging plant 4 to 5 plants per linear metre

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