Lilly Pilly `Select` - A medium to large-sized native shrub ideal for formal or informal hedging

Lilly Pilly’s are by far one of the best quick growing native hedging plants. Lilly Pilly ‘Select’ is a medium to large-sized native shrub ideal for formal or informal hedging. It has glossy, deep green foliage and coppery tones on the new young leaves. Lilly Pilly `Select` have small fluffy creamy white flowers in spring and summer followed by purple edible berries, these berries are a bush tucker food.

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Syzygium australe `Select`

Syzygium australe `Select` make great hedges, they can be clipped to make a traditional formal hedge or they can be left to grow in their natural form in which case they develop into a large conical shrub. Lilly Pilly’s are best suited to larger yards as the bush left unclipped they can reach 2 metres plus wide at the base. When clipped into a formal hedge they can be kept short and narrower. Lilly Pilly ‘Select’ is psyllid resistant meaning they rarely get the leaf disfiguration and scaring caused by a leaf boring insect common to many Lilly Pilly’s.

Height & Width

Left to grow unclipped they can grow up to 5 metres X 2 metres wide at the base. They can be kept short and narrower by training as a formal hedge.


Full sun to part shade

Soil Type

they perform best in loamy to clay loam fertile soils.


Prune as desired to shape, fertilise in spring with slow release fertilisereed

Flowers and Fruit

Spring and summer with creamy white fluffy flowers followed by purple berries

Planting Rates

For hedges plant at 1 to 1.5 metre centres.

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