Murraya ‘Min-a-Min’ - also known as Dwarf Orange Jasmine, is ideal for small gardens, Australian online nursery - The Plant Hub

Murraya ‘Min-a-Min’ - also known as Dwarf Orange Jasmine, is ideal for small gardens

Murraya ‘Min-a-Min’ is a beautiful low growing evergreen variety of Murraya ideally for small gardens or for creating small hedges. Because it responds so well to clipping it is a great alternative to the popular Japanese box which for decades have been used to create small hedges.

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Murraya paniculata ‘Min-a-Min’

Murraya paniculata ‘Min-a-min’ also known as Dwarf Orange Jasmine is a dwarf variety of the popular common Murraya and like the common form, it is a very tough and reliable plant suited to temperate climates of eastern Australia. As a dwarf form and only growing to 1 metre tall it is well suited to small gardens and courtyards. It is ideal for topiary as it responds extremely well to clipping.

Height & Width

1 metre tall x 1 metre wide. Can be clipped to form smaller hedges

Flowers and Fruit

White fragrant flowers throughout the warmer months of the year


Full sun to partial shade

Soil Type

Suited to moderately fertile free draining soils.


Trim as needed and fertilse in spring, clip to your desired shapesh

Planting Rates

For hedging use 2 to 3 per lineal metre.

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