Rosemary `Blue Lagoon` - is a semi-prostrate flowering plant to 1 metre, Australian online nursery - The Plant Hub

Rosemary `Blue Lagoon` - is a semi-prostrate flowering plant to 1 metre

Rosemary ‘Blue Lagoon’ is a semi-prostrate plant with beautiful aromatic foliage that can grow to 1 metre tall. It can be trimmed to create a low formal hedge or left natural to form a low growing shrub. The dark green leaves contrast with the deep blue flowers. It is a very hardy plant and is suited to hot dry climates.

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Rosmarinus officinalis `Blue Lagoon`

Rosmarinus officinalis 'Blue Lagoon' is a popular variety of Rosemary that has a semi-prostrate growing habit. The blue flowers contrast with the dark green aromatic foliage to create a beautiful winter and spring display in the garden. The flowers are bee attracting and the foliage can be used as a herb in cooking. Rosemary is a very tough plant and will thrive in hot dry climates.

Height & Width

Grows to 1 metre tall by 1 metre plus wide

Flowers and Fruit

Blue flowers through winter and spring / early summer


Best grown in full sun but is also suited to partial shade

Soil Type

A wide range of well drained soils


Trim as needed and fertilse in spring

Planting Rates

1 to 3 per square metre

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