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Sacred Bamboo, Nandina domestica - Ideal as a screening plant.

Sacred Bamboo is a medium-sized shrub with a clumping habit. It is a very hardy plant suit to a wide range of garden styles from Japanese to modern architectural gardens. Sacred Bamboo are favoured for the change of season foliage colours ranging from pinkish reds to green. They also make great screening plants to hide fences and garden sheds.

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Nandina domestica

Nandina domestica often called ‘Sacred Bamboo’ are not related to bamboo botanically, the name refers to the appearance of the stems that look like bamboo. They are an evergreen plant in most climates however in very cold temperatures of below -10 C they can be semi-deciduous. Nandina can grow to 2 metre if left unpruned. The foliage is the main feature of this plant with the new young leaves being pinkish to red and maturing to green. Nandina has sprays of small white flowers throughout the year followed by red berries.

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