Dichondra Lawn Plugs - Ideal as a lawn alternative for shady positions in the garden

Dichondra makes a great lawn alternative for semi to heavy shade areas of your yard. It is tough enough to walk on without damaging the plant and it rarely needs to be mown. To install a lawn of Dichondra simply plant the Lawn Plugs at 30cm centres, fertilize, water well to establish and watch it grow.

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Lawn Plug - 49 Pack


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Dichondra repens

Height & Width

5 to 15 cm high


Semi to heavy shade, it will die out in hot full sun positions

Soil Type

Loamy soils which are free draining but hold moistrure are best


Fertilize in spring, mow only if needed

Mulch Type

If you use mulch keep it very thin to allow the plant to spread

Planting Rates

Plant out at 20 to 30cm centres

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