Lawn Thyme - A low growing herb with aromatic leaves that makes a great lawn alternative

Lawn Thyme is a decorative, low growing neat and compact herb with masses of small purple flowers during summer. Lawn Thyme is ideal for full sun aspects and is a great drought tolerate lawn alternative suitable for light traffic areas. Lawn Thyme prefers a free draining soil and some watering during extremely dry summers will help its overall performance as a lawn. Lawn Thyme is not suitable for shade or wet soils areas.

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Lawn Plug - 49 Pack


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Thymus serpyllum

Thymus serpyllum - Lawn Thyme has aromatic foliage that releases when walked on. It is drought hardy and ideal for between pavers and stepping stones. It is easy to maintain and keep neat and can be mown with a lawn mower on a high setting. Lawn Plug - 49 Pack covers 5 to 10 metres square.

Height & Width

5 to 15 cm high


Full sun to semi shade, not suitable for full shade

Soil Type

Free draining loam soils


Trim to force lateral growth, can be mown with a lawn mower on a high setting

Mulch Type

Fine mulch during the early establishment phase, once established it will completely cover the ground

Planting Rates

Plant out at 20 to 30cm centres

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