Nara Native Lawn Plugs - an all purpose low maintenance Australian native lawn grass

`Nara` Native Lawn Grass is an exciting new variety of grass bred for our Australian climate. `Nara` is a selected cultivar of Zoysia macrantha, a grass that commonly grows along the east coast of Australia. `Nara` Native Lawn Grass, once established, forms a low maintenance lawn ideal for gardeners wanting to reduce their mowing. It also holds its colour during dry conditions and has low water use.

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Lawn Plug - 49 Pack


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Zoysia macrantha 'MAC03'

Nara Native Lawn if given greater care will produce a smart looking manicured lawn; simply mow, fertilise and water regularly. How many Nara Lawn Plugs will I need? – The answer will depend on how fast you want to get a total cover. If you want total cover in one to two months, plant each individual Lawn Plug at 10 per square metre, (approx. 30cm centres). If your not is such a hurry plant at 5 per square metre, (approx. 45cm centres). Lawn Plugs 49 Packs will cover 5 to 10 metres squares, (this time frame is season and region dependant).

Height & Width

20cm high and spreading by runners


Full sun to very light shade

Soil Type

Wide range from sandy loams to free draining clays


For a low maintenance informal lawn mow every couple of months during the warm summer period, for a manicured effect mow more regularly as desired.

Planting Rates

5 to 10 Lawn Plugs per metre square

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