Sapphire Buffalo Lawn Plugs - A quick and easy way to get a fabulous lawn

Sapphire was developed and bred from Sir Walter Buffalo grass and can be considered one of a few true soft leaf buffalo varieties. Sapphire has a much finer leaf blade which gives it the best winter colour and makes it a softer form of Buffalo grass. It is hard wearing and its superior shade tolerance makes it one of the best shade grasses in Australia.

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Lawn Plug - 49 Pack


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Stenotaphrum secundatum 'B12'

Use Lawn Plugs to repair bare spots in you Buffalo lawn. For the best results break up the soil and plant the plugs directly into the bare area, fertiliser after planting with a lawn starter food and water well for a few weeks. If you are repairing damage from animals if possible keep the animals off the repaired area. Planting rates: use 5 to 10 lawn plugs per square metre. Lawn Plugs 49 Packs will cover 5 to 10 metres squares, (this time frame is season and region dependant).

Height & Width

20 to 30cm tall if un mown, usually a mid to high mowing height is best for Buffalo grass.


Full sun to heavy shade. Buffalo are ideal for shade lawns.

Soil Type

Wide range of free draining sandy loams to clay loams soils


Mow every few weeks over summer to encourage strong horizontal growth

Planting Rates

Lawn Plugs - 5 to 10 per metre square

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