POA `ESKDALE` - A hardy bluish green native grass ideal for adding foliage movement to your garden design

Poa 'Eskdale' is an ideal choice for gardeners seeking a grassy effect for their garden. The fine bluish green foliage with an upright to arching form is ideal for softening hard surfaces such as paving and fences. When used on mass it creates a wild wind swept look in the garden.

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Poa labillardieri `Eskdale`

Poa 'Eskdale' is a cool season grass that holds its colour well over winter in even the coldest climates. It flowers in summer with feathery seed heads held above the foliage. In hot northern climates the foliage will brown off in summer as it enters a dormant phase, then in autumn it will emerge with new growth again.

Height & Width

The foliage to 80cm high, (seed heads can reach 1.2 m tall) X 60cm wide


Full sun to partial shade

Soil Type

Loam soils, clay loam and free draining clay.


Trim back foliage in March or April every year to approx 200 to 300mm above the ground to remove last seasons spent foliage



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