KINGSDALE ® - A compact growing native Poa grass with bluish grey arching foliage

Kingsdale is a native tussock grass that will add a touch of colour to your garden with its bluish - grey arching foliage. Grasses like Kingsdale are perfect for softening hard surfaces and to add an element of movement with the slightest breeze. Kingsdale is suited to seaside coastal gardens and will also be at home in inland country gardens.

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Poa poiformis 'PP500'

Poa 'Kingsdale' resembles the exotic grass Blue Fescue, (Festuca glauca), a popular ornamental grass prized for is blue foliage. Kingsdale is a cool season grass that actively grows over the cooler months of the year. In summer it flowers with the seed head held above the foliage.

Height & Width

50 cm tall X 50cm wide


Full sun to part shade. It is perfect for coastal gardens as it has handle the salt laden winds off the ocean

Soil Type

Free draining sandy loams to clay loams


Trim back to half its foliage height at the end of March to April each year

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