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No Mow Zoysia Lawn Plugs - Also known as Temple Grass is ideal for low maintenance gardens

No-Mow Zoysia, (Zoysia tenuifolia), is a very slow growing, fine textured grass with bright green leaf blades that makes an ideal ground cover in and around rockeries, paving and ponds. It is often used as a ground cover grass in Oriental garden designs.

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Lawn Plug - 49 Pack


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Zoysia tenuifolia

No-Mow Zoysia also makes an ideal lawn alternative; when left to grown naturally it forms random mounds of tufted foliage, (see images). If desired Zoysia can be mown twice a year to train the growth habit flat like a traditional lawn. We recommend that you fertilize in spring and autumn with either slow release fertilizer or a liquid fertilizer to keep it looking at its best. How many Zoysia Lawn Plugs will I need? Being a slow growing grass we recommend planting at 15 to 20 per square metre, (this means planting approx. 23 cm apart). If your not is such a hurry then plant at 10 per square metre, (approx. 30 cm apart). Naturally these time frames are season and region dependent. No-Mow Zoysia Lawn Plugs - 49 Pack covers 2.5 to 5 metres square depending on your planting density.

Height & Width

5 to 20cm tall with a spread of 50cm


Full sun to part shade

Soil Type

Free draining loam soils


Trim if needed or to train the lawn flat

Planting Rates

See the above notes for planting rates.

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