SLENDER MAT RUSH - Lomandra hystrix a popular large growing plant ideal for screening

Slender Mat Rush, (Lomandra hystrix), is a large clumping plant with arching lime green leaves. Slender Mat Rush is an ideal plant that is suited to most climatic zones and garden aspects. As it is a large plant it is best for larger gardens. It makes an ideal screening plant along fence lines or to screen off different parts of the garden.

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Lomandra hystrix

Slender Mat Rush, is a very versatile plant. If you have a boggy spot in the garden this plant is ideal as it doesn’t mind having wet feet. It is also suit to dry garden aspects as well. Slender Mat Rush will also grow in a shady aspects. Performs best in warmer climates with summer rainfall. It is best suited to protected coastal aspects and frost free inland climates.

Height & Width

1 metre to 1.5 metres X 1.2 metres


Full sun to shade

Soil Type

Moist soils to clay loams


Trim back after 3 to 4 years to tidy up older foliage if needed

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