Wild Yellow Iris – Dietes bicolor, a hardy plant with lime green foliage and yellow flowers

This hardy evergreen grass-like plant is excellent for low maintenance, low water use gardens. The lime green, narrow, sword-like leaves form dense clumps making it ideal for mass planting. Dietes has beautiful yellow flowers in spring through summer.

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Dietes bicolor

Dietes bicolor a plant native to South Africa and goes by a few names such as ‘Bicolor Iris’, Wild Yellow Iris or Peacock Flower. It is a hardy plant with its evergreen sword-like foliage. The Iris flowers have six petals and are lemon-yellow, the three larger petals have a dark purple spot that is surrounded by an orange outline.

Height & Width

75cm tall X 75cm wide

Flowers and Fruit

The six petal flowers are lemon-yellow with the three larger petals having a dark purple spot that is surrounded by an orange outline.


Full sun to part shade.

Soil Type

Wide range of moderately fertile free draining soils.


Trim as needed to maintain a neat appearance.

Planting Rates

For mass planting use 3 to 5 plants per m2, for specimen planting use 1 per m2

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