Hair Pin Banksia

The Hair Pin Banksia, Banksia spinulosa, is a beautiful low growing shrub that can range in height from 1m to 2.5m tall and be 1m to 2m wide. The leaves are thin and deep green with fine tooth like serration to the leaf edge. The Hair Pin Banskia has mid-sized candle shaped flowers which range in colour from yellow to orange with orange, red, maroon to black colour high lights, flowering from autumn through to winter. This plant is ideal for attracting bird life to your garden and will add colour with its flowers over the winter months.


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Banksia spinulosa

Height & Width

1m to 2.5m X 1m to 2m


Full sun to part shade

Soil Type

free draining sandy loams. It will grow in heavier soils provided they are free draining.


Little care needed, trim to desired shape.

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