Butterfly Iris also called Wild Iris is a clumping plant with beautiful flowers

Butterfly Iris is an evergreen plant forming large clumps of green sword-like leaves. The beautiful iris-like flowers have large white petals with a purple centre and golden markings on the outer petals. It is a very hardy plant ideal for mass planting.

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Dietes grandiflora

Butterfly Iris can go by many names, some of these include; Wild Iris, Fairy Iris or Spanish Iris. This quick-growing clumping plant is ideal for mass planting as it will form dense swards of sword-like leaves, and when they flower, there is a sea of flowers floating above the foliage. It is a very tough plant that originates from South Africa and will tolerate hot, dry conditions and is also frost hardy.

Height & Width

Grows 80 cm to 1 metre tall X the same wide


Full sun to partial shade

Soil Type

Wide range of moderately fertile free draining soils.


Cut off any old leaves in spring, fertilise to encourage strong growth

Flowers and Fruit

Flowers in spring and summer with iris-like flowers have large white petals with a purple centre and golden markings on the outer petals

Planting Rates

3 to 5 plants per square metre

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