MINGO - A low growing native Kangaroo grass with blue foliage

Mingo is a prostrate, blue form of Kangaroo Grass, (Themeda australis), that makes a great groundcover plant. The beautiful blue foliage contrasts well with the rusty reddish - brown flower heads. Mingo is an ideal ground for native gardens and can even be trained as an informal native lawn.

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Themeda australis `Mingo`

Themeda australis ‘Mingo’ is a tough, hardy grass that will add a touch of colour to the garden with its blue foliage which changes colour in autumn to get purple and reddish tones. Mingo has sterile seeds so will never become a weed like other grasses can. Mingo can be planted and trained as an informal native lawn; the key to success as a lawn is to plant 20 plants per m2 and mow on a high mower setting so you don’t scalp the grass.

Height & Width

20 - 30cm tall X 50 - 60cm wide.


Mingo will grow in full sun and in up to 50% shade.

Soil Type

A wide range, loam, clay loam and free draining clay.


Trim back foliage by 2/3 annually in spring to re-fresh the foliage. Fertilize with slow release fertilizer after trimming.

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