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Mondo Grass - A tuffed grass ideal for garden borders, edging of pathways or between pavers

Mondo Grass is an evergreen plant that forms large clumps by the spread of underground rhizomes. It is a very tough plant that has a high drought and cold tolerance. Mondo Grass suits a variety of garden styles, from traditional formal gardens to Asian inspired designs. It makes a great border plant on the edge of the garden, looks excellent planted between stepping stones and can even be planted as an informal lawn.

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Ophiopogon japonicus

Mondo Grass, Ophiopogon japonicus, is not a true grass but comes from the Asparagus family, Asparagaceae. While Mondo Grass can grow in full sun, it does better with a little shade during the summer months; it is also suited to semi-shaded aspects. It grows best in fertile soil and doesn’t mind free-draining clay soils. Once established, Mondo Grass can be quite vigorous in its growth and spread to cover large areas. Saying that it’s easy to control by using a spade to reduce the size of the clump and digging out the unwanted plants

Height & Width

20cm to 30cm tall X 50cm to 1m wide, Mondo will form large clumps if left uncheck. It is an easy plant to keep under control.

Flowers and Fruit

Small white flowers that are often hidden amongst the foliage.


Full sun to heavy shade.

Soil Type

Fertile loam to free drainging clay soils are best

Planting Rates

Viro-tubes as a garden border, between paving or stepping stones plant at 10cm centres

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